The ferry boat AGIOS GEORGIOS of EDIPSOS of Aidipsos Ferrys N.E. company, activates in ferry line of Glyfa – Agiokampos sience 1-11-2015.

The ferry

It consists of spacious areas with large lounge, air conditioning, bar and embarkatintion platform for about hundred cars.

The distance between Glyfa and Agiokampos is about 3,5 nautical miles and it is covered approximately in 25 minutes.


The picturesque town of Agiokampos is situated in the island of Evia and more specifically at the north of Aidipsos. The port of Agiokampos serves a large number of tourists and visitors as it provides an easy and comfortable access to  Evia island via the port of Glyfa during the whole year. Agiokampos is also an ideal seaside resort with a great variety of options for accommodation and pleasure for your summer vacation.


The scenic port of Glyfa, which is situated in the central part of Greece (Fthiotida), provides a direct access to the North Evia and more particularly to the port of Agiokampos.The daily ferry routes that are executed to and from Glyfa port on an annual basis, serve a large number of travellers and espaecially those who come from the North and central Greece planning to visit the island of Evia. The seside town of Glyfa is udoubtedly an ideal place for your summer holidays as it combines beautiful and clean beaches with a great variety of hotels, accommodation food options and nightlife.

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